Corporate Office
Union City, Tennessee

Contact information

Phone: 731-660-6199
Toll Free: 888-660-6199
Fax: 731-660-8916
935 Old Humboldt Rd, Suite C
Jackson, TN 38305


Administrative Hours: 
8 am - 4:30 pm Monday - Friday
Diagnostic Hours:
8 pm - 6 am by appointment

About us

AlphaSleep Lab is a patient-focused sleep facility using cutting edge diagnostic testing equipment to help determine if patients have OSA, narcolepsy, seizure disorders and other abnormalities.

The lab facilitates Nocturnal Polysomnography (NPSG) studies, EEG tests, and sleep observance according to physician’s order. The Respironics Alice 5 diagnostic testing equipment is clinically accurate to help produce the results needed so the ordering physician can determine a subsequent treatment plan for the patient.

AlphaSleep Lab’s ultimate goal is to obtain definitive testing results while the patient rests comfortably. The staff of technicians and diagnosticians at AlphaSleep Lab are trained to make the patient at ease and to work with each individual patient sleep routine so that the testing can begin and be successful.

The entire testing process is supervised by our Medical Director, who is Board Certified by the American Board of Sleep Medicine, and facilitated by our resident Registered PSG Tech Specialist and other highly trained staff.

AlphaSleep Lab's corporate office is located in Jackson, TN and at present has multiple testing sites around West TN with expansion plans in the works for additional locations to help meet the needs of the growing populous in not only West TN, but multi-state locations across the Mid South.